Differential Gears

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At the heart of a differential is a set of four differential gears, also known as bevel gears: two side gears connected to the left and right shafts and two pinion gears that transfer torque between the side gears.

Our team’s technology enables smaller, more efficient differentials while reducing weight and delivering superior material properties, especially for eDrive transmissions and eDrive AWD power transmissions.


Highest torque capacity gear
higher strength-to-weight ratio
higher carrying capacity
Net shape forged permanent magnet gear tooth profiles, splines, and retaining slots.
A differential is a gear unit that takes an input speed from the transmission and converts it into a direction and speed that the drive wheels can use. Modern differential gears usually consist of a hypoid set connected to a side (bevel) gear that meshes with the differential (bevel) gear and the opposite side bevel gear.