Spiral Miter Gears

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Basic Information

Module: 2 – 5
Material: SCM415
Hardening: Carburized
Tooth finish: Cut (non Ground)
Grade: JIS 4

Gears that have been hardened have excellent strength and wear resistance. Secondary operations are possible except for the teeth.

Product Features

  • Right-hand spiral miter 90-degree mesh transmits mechanical power between perpendicular shafts
  • The spiral angle of 35 degrees better suits this spiral miter gear for higher speed and larger torque applications than straight miter gears
  • Low carbon steel (.2 percent carbon) for applications where the hardness and strength of higher levels of carbon are not needed to transmit torque and motion
  • Hardened teeth for 1:1 gear ratio applications where hardness and strength are needed to transmit torque and motion
  • Bore has a keyway and setscrew for use with keyed shaft
  • Stocked Materials range from steel, brass, and stainless steel